Recycled Thoughts

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Drawing closer, the light grew brighter, and he realized that it was definitely no fire. There was a silhouette, perhaps a woman’s, standing in the center of the alley a few meters from him. The glow, he noticed, was coming from the figure’s head. Sweat began trickling down his brow, and even at the distance he was, he felt the heat coming from the shape. It wasn’t a fire. If he had to describe it as anything, he’d say it was the sun itself.

Luminous threads streaked out from her head, strands of hair that resembled bursts from a solar flare. Each strand stretched out, thick close to her head, growing thinner as they spread out all around her body. It was a web of luminosity, and she stood at the center like a spider.



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What is consciousness? I really don’t know, but I’ve come to enjoy this feeling. Bodiless, the static has gone and I’m bathed in light all around. Waiting in this formless realm, I start to think about who I am, and what I am going to become. I always used to think of myself as my body. I saw it every day, touched it, smelt it and enjoyed the sensations it gave me.

I never considered that one day someone would tell me, “Sorry, but who you thought was yourself was actually just a computer generated image.” My real body is probably dead somewhere. But for some reason that defies everything I’ve ever known, I’m still here. Of course, I’m not complaining about that, it just doesn’t make any sense. When a person’s body dies, well, their mind is supposed to vanish too, right? But mine hasn’t. I’m here in this void sensory deprivation tank, waiting.

Art: Wallpaper of Shoose Doujinshi


Beating, Pounding, Resounding


She closed her eyes. In her mind’s eye she imagined herself growing roots down into mother earth. She pictured tapping into this eternally giving source. She pushed down with her mind. She was a root that wasn’t searching for water, but for something else. She pushed past colossal things. Huge beings comprised of rock. Creatures that were tiny and large. Water also trickled over her and mingled with her. It wasn’t separate at all. The water; it wasn’t apart from the earth, it was one. She pushed past fiery ponds of fundamental earth, raging heat searing her body. She didn’t care; she wanted to embalm herself in it. It wasn’t separate from her at all. Then she felt it. A beating, pounding, resounding heartbeat. It was the heartbeat that pounded in all living things. It resounded in her, the soil, the magma, the insects, the beasts and the world. It would never leave her.

Art by Miyama Fugin