Recycled Thoughts

Beating, Pounding, Resounding



She closed her eyes. In her mind’s eye she imagined herself growing roots down into mother earth. She pictured tapping into this eternally giving source. She pushed down with her mind. She was a root that wasn’t searching for water, but for something else. She pushed past colossal things. Huge beings comprised of rock. Creatures that were tiny and large. Water also trickled over her and mingled with her. It wasn’t separate at all. The water; it wasn’t apart from the earth, it was one. She pushed past fiery ponds of fundamental earth, raging heat searing her body. She didn’t care; she wanted to embalm herself in it. It wasn’t separate from her at all. Then she felt it. A beating, pounding, resounding heartbeat. It was the heartbeat that pounded in all living things. It resounded in her, the soil, the magma, the insects, the beasts and the world. It would never leave her.

Art by Miyama Fugin


3 thoughts on “Beating, Pounding, Resounding

  1. I have a question.

    How did you post an image here with a large size and very good quality. Mine always get re-sized and lowered in quality. Is it because this is not a text post but rather a Image media post?


    • Hey, nice to hear from you again! I had a quick look at your blog and it could be the theme you’re using. When I started I had a theme that was pretty narrow and changed to the one I’m using now (the Yoko theme). The images are a lot bigger and fill up more of the screen when using this theme. This is a text post, so another idea you can check out is when you post your image, before publishing, click on it. You’ll see two small boxes appear in the top left corner. Click the image one and it’ll give you the option of what size you’d like your image to be. That’s about all I know and I learned most of it from a friend who’s an experienced blogger. Hope this helps!:)

      • thanks a lot 😀

        I think I figured it out now. I have to adjust the size the photo by inputting the height and width myself each time, or else the default is height < 300 and width < 300.


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